Advantages of using LED bulbs

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Advantages of using LED bulbs

The advantages of using LED bulbs and lamps are very numerous. As has been the case in recent years, LED technology is taking over when it comes to lighting any place that needs it. And it is not surprising given the innumerable advantages that come from placing this type of light bulb in the desired location. Below we are going to highlight some of the many advantages of lighting with LED technology.

LED lamps, one of their most main advantages is their high efficiency and high performance. LEDs consume up to 80 % less electrical energy on average than a common light bulb.

With LEDs, better light uniformity is achieved, reducing the loss of luminosity between light sources.

The use of LED lamps or spotlights greatly reduces environmental pollution and electrical energy consumption. This is so, because you can achieve up to 150 lumens per watt with them. Thanks to this, the use of light is clearly optimized compared to more traditional bulbs.

If we look at public lighting lights, LEDs are also a good option. This is because they offer a greater useful luminous output than sodium vapor lamps, or even other energy-saving bulbs that are commonly used in public lighting. It is also worth noting that compared to tungsten filament lamps, LEDs guarantee eight times more illumination.

With respect to its low energy consumption, it is another of the advantages of using LED bulbs and lamps. With this, it should be noted that a return on investment is quickly achieved when purchasing LED bulbs. They offer a better cost-benefit ratio than more traditional lamps or light bulbs.

If we detail some examples, LED spotlights can save up to 90 % of energy. This comparison is made with respect to incandescent bulbs and sodium or mercury lamps. Even if we talk about energy-saving bulbs, LEDs can consume up to 25 % less than them.

As we see, these are clearly high percentages that confirm what we have already mentioned. The investment when purchasing LED lamps or spotlights is easily profitable.

These are just some of the many advantages that LED bulbs offer. As we see, the economic savings when illuminating our home or workplace with this type of luminaires is significant. For this reason, at Luzka Iluminación we encourage you to switch to LED.

We in our specialized establishment know all the advantages of using LED bulbs and lamps. This would mean an improvement in the lighting of Burgos. That's why you We offer a wide variety of luminaires of LEDs so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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