Large format ceiling lights, a wise choice.

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Large format ceiling lights, a wise choice.

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The market presents us with a wide variety of current lighting fixtures such as ceiling lights and especially large format ones. These provide extra decoration, providing us with a good combination between furniture and the light source.

Below we are going to detail the utilities and designs that the different models available on the market can present.

When choosing a ceiling light, we always think about saving space. In any area of the home, by replacing the traditional hanging lamp with this luminaire, greater visual space is provided, giving a greater feeling of spaciousness.

Like any other type of lighting, there are a wide variety of ceiling lights. They differ in their shapes, materials and diameter.

As for materials, removable and washable fabrics, plastics and classic glass are present in the different models. You can also choose diameters between 40 cm and one meter, depending on the size and type of space to be illuminated. The choice between one or the other is a matter of taste and functionality. There will always be the perfect ceiling for each area of the home.

In this publication we are going to highlight the large format ceilings. They present us with diverse shapes and designs, as is the case with any luminaire that you will find in our establishment.

Firstly, we can often associate a ceiling light with areas such as bathrooms. However, trends change and large-format ceiling lights win the battle in surfaces such as living rooms, master bedrooms and youth bedrooms.

In this way they are suitable whether we have a large living room or bedroom or a smaller one. By regulating the lighting intensity, we will always achieve a brightness suitable for each taste.

This is so, because as is already the case with most light fixtures, large format ceiling lights have also been adapted to this technology. This way it is possible to open the fan wide in terms of tone and intensity of the light.

If we refer to this aspect, we highlight the possibility of changing the color temperature. From a warm white 2700 to a cold white that can reach up to 6500 gºk.

In this way each area will be able to offer us a different environment depending on the need.

LED technology allows us to illuminate rooms depending on the activity we carry out at a given time. For example, a youth bedroom is sometimes a space for study and other times for leisure. In this case, the coldest color temperature will be used to work, as it will help us to be more concentrated and the warmest temperatures for relaxing moments. If we add to this some elegant and timeless designs, they will match perfectly with any style that we have. introduce us to the place.

Areas such as offices and work areas, this type of luminaires are also valid. Built-in or surface-mounted options are presented as options. As we have already detailed before, whether the place is large or small, you can choose different ranges of ceiling lights, where their main differences will be in diameter and power.

Even so, all of them are equipped with the latest LED technology. They will guarantee considerable energy savings compared to other types of luminaires.

In conclusion, if you want to give a new atmosphere to your home, large format ceiling lights are a good option. Whether a large area or a smaller one, At Luzka Iluminación we offer different sizes and powers of this lighting option.. Thanks to them you will save on your electricity bill and gain space, comfort and elegance.

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