Latest news about dimmable led bulbs

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Latest news about dimmable led bulbs

bombillas led regulables en Burgos

New technologies are also being added to the lighting sector and at Luzka we like to bring the latest developments. Next we are going to talk about the availability of adjustable LED bulbs in Burgos that can be easily and comfortably adjusted in intensity and color, among many other features.

Through the Eglo brand in Luzka we offer dimmable LED bulbs in Burgos. They are easy to put on any type of lamp, from living room lamps to any pendant lamp.

Its operation is very simple, since it does not need any type of special home automation installation, but just the light bulb, a mobile phone and internet access would be enough.

These connect to the Bluetooth of our mobile phone, and through their APP they can be used perfectly; Even if we don't have the mobile phone at hand, we can also regulate it through a remote control, thus changing the intensity and color of the bulb.

One of the most striking features of this type of light bulb is that it can be programmed. It has an intelligent on or off function and to progressively reduce the ambient light.

These functionalities are mainly used to wake up or put the members of the house to bed. Even when we are away from home for long periods of time, we can simulate presence. In this way we will gain security thanks to its on or off programming, on specific days and times.

If we are at home and want to enjoy these adjustable LED bulbs, we can have several of them dimmed at the same time in different rooms of our home, creating unique and surprising environments. This is so, because the system gives the possibility of controlling up to 50 lamps with a single command.

The distance at which these bulbs can be controlled is appropriate for any home. They can be up to 12 meters and within this length some bulbs and others are allowed to synchronize

It offers thousands of color, temperature and intensity selection possibilities. It allows us to always achieve the ideal lighting for any type of activity we carry out. Multiple users can use the same lighting system. This is done through a secure username and password.

Finally, it should be noted that all of this is linked to the advantages offered by LED bulbs. Low consumption, long useful life and great decorative effect are just some of what they give us.

As always, we invite you to Come to our establishment specialized in lighting in Burgos. We will advise you to choose this or other novelties in dimmable LED bulbs in Burgos, perfectly suited to the need you are looking for.

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