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Industrial style, a trend that will surprise you
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The vintage style in lighting

lámparas vintage en burgos

When we talk about vintage style in decoration and among them vintage lamps, we are referring to the mix of styles and even the mix of new elements with others from past eras. In vintage English it is used to name any old and design object.

This style has spread in recent years to all areas of fashion, design and decoration. Lighting has also succumbed to this trend, incorporating pieces with reminiscences from the 1930s to the 1970s.

Harmony in this style is achieved by using quality antique pieces, with others of modern and even classic design.

We can see, in places like restaurants, bars, hairdressers, etc., that this style has been gaining weight. Any relevant manufacturer that we think of has incorporated products focused on this trend into their catalogues. Of course, at Luzka Iluminación we have a wide assortment of vintage pendant lamps, wall lights and auxiliary lamps.

Black, the combined black and matte gold, as well as aquamarine green, copper and dusty pink are trending colors for this season. They combine very well with walls in shades of off-white, stone and with the wallpapers that are so fashionable.

The bulbs are also inspired by the designs of the beginning of the last century. These imitate formats and quality of light, but LED technology sneaks into this type of lamp. With this we achieve an exceptionally long useful life, also making electricity consumption minimal.

At Luzka lighting we have more than fifty different models of vintage led bulbs. These incorporated into our industrial and retro models will differentiate and give a different effect to the lighting in your home or business premises.

We take care that each of our clients has the information to find the product you are looking for, our goal: to create the perfect environment in the home or business premises with innovative lighting solutions.

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