Industrial style, a trend that will surprise you

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Industrial style, a trend that will surprise you

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One of the differentiating aspects that the market presents to us in lighting proposals is the industrial style. This style combines perfectly with modern furniture, providing a decorative style that will not leave you indifferent. Below we describe what this industrial trend is about and how lamps have perfectly integrated into this increasingly entrenched current.

If you are one of the people who likes to innovate in the decoration of your home, we will describe a style that is increasingly being implemented in the decoration of homes and businesses.

The industrial style or decoration, inspired by the lofts and the New York environments of the 50s, uses a series of accessories and decoration materials, different from those that we commonly visualize.

Both the luminaires and the rest of the furniture can follow this trend, giving us the possibility of creating an environment that will not leave you indifferent.

For this, the first thing we must do is show parts of the structure of our house and leave open spaces. The beams, concrete or brick walls are exposed to the visibility of any person, gaining prominence in the decoration of our area.

Also, although it seems something different from what we commonly know, the pipes and pipes, give this industrial character, always accompanied by gray and dark tones.

The metal beams attached to high ceilings are a characteristic point of this style. Although it is true that it is difficult for a home to have these factors, shops, bars or restaurants can perfectly choose to show this characteristic so typical of said trend.

In this case, the visibility of the light cables through the pipes would come into play, choosing shades of black, silver or copper. This gives us greater versatility and dynamism when it comes to placing the point of light where we want, without forgetting that industrialized touch that we want to achieve.

In the decoration of an industrial area, the main materials in furniture and lighting are the basic ones such as iron, steel and solid wood.

A stripped or oxidized appearance are key to making this type of decoration.

That is why all the luminaires in this industrial style have very original designs that combine perfectly with environments of other trends such as vintage.

To find the luminaire model of this industrial style, we recommend that you approach  our establishment specialized in lighting. We offer you a wide variety of this and other types of lamps so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

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