The eclectic style, a style without rules but with harmony

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The eclectic style, a style without rules but with harmony

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If you are a creative person and you like to give your home your own personality, the eclectic style is a good option for your decoration.

This eclectic decoration finds its harmony in the mixture of styles. Both the furniture and lighting objects of this style find their inspiration in the combination of numerous trends and fashions. In this way we achieve surprising and unique creations.

Textures form a fundamental part of this type of eclectic decoration. In addition, various materials such as metal, wood or even glass are part of the objects that make up this type of decoration.

As for lighting, at Luzka, luminaires form an essential part of our new products. They define that mix of material and texture very well, providing differentiation to any part of our home.

This is a way to give free rein to your imagination and dare with everything; always also following harmony and certain guidelines.

One idea is, for example, to merge elements from other eras. If you do not have any objects from previous years, you can opt for some vintage luminaires that you will find in our establishment. They unite the style of previous decades, with the latest technological advances in LED technology.

This type of eclectic style also allows us to create timeless settings that do not go out of style. They also create exclusive scenes; since they are unique decorations made by ourselves, but always, we remember to maintain a certain balance.

This style allows you to opt for striking colors that break with what can commonly be seen.

If we choose this type of decoration, it will test our creativity, achieving unique and surprising results.

From Luzka Lighting we offer a wide variety of types in luminaires. We will give you the option to choose the ones that best fit your personality and home, allowing you to mix them to create a unique environment.

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