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Lighting and its color rendering index

índice de reproducción cromática

First of all, we are going to define what the color rendering index or CRI is. It is the unit that measures the ability of a light source to reproduce colors in different objects. Its values range between 0 and 100, with 100 calling the perfect color reproduction value.

These values define the quality of the color reflection that is captured by a photosensitive cell.

This CRI is another value to take into account, regardless of power or color temperature.

CRI is a concept completely separate from the aforementioned color temperature. This means that for the same color provided by a light bulb, the perception of objects can be different, measured on a certain scale.

For example, for values between 81 and 100, the colors will be represented very efficiently. However, for values lower than 80 the color distortion may be greater, thus not reflecting the desired color.

This last case occurs, for example, in low-cost LED bulbs. They offer a color rendering index of 70 or lower, with the highest quality being those with values higher than 80.

In bulbs with a high CRI it usually translates into better lighting performance.

You have to know how to distinguish a good quality lamp from a bad one and this is why CRI comes into play. This is represented on numerous occasions on the box itself; in which we must pay attention to the numbering that is just after the power measured in watts.

What makes a Led lighting system more attractive and we can get the most out of it, is its color reproduction capacity. As we have already talked about, the color rendering index or CRI plays a fundamental role.

In conclusion, it is best to choose luminaires with an index of 85 or higher; If it is bigger, even better, we will enjoy colors that are faithfully represented in every room of our home.

Luminaires greatly define the decoration of any place; That is why its ability to represent all colors greatly influences the final appearance.

In Luzka lighting you will find a wide variety of LED bulbs with this color reproduction. With this parameter you will define your home as you have always wanted. We are professionals in lighting and that is why we will advise you to choose the luminaire that best suits your tastes and needs.

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