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Bathroom lighting trends

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The lighting in the bathrooms must be perfectly adequate for that room and its luminaires must present safety standards. Below we are going to detail all the details that this type of lighting product must have in the technical and design aspect.

Bathrooms are the rooms in the house where the most humidity accumulates. Water vapor is one of the factors that influence that place and the elements that are inside it must be resistant to this type of conditions.

For this reason, whether they are the accessories, as in what concerns us, the luminaires must have technical safety characteristics that make them tight to water vapor and humidity. In this way, the possible corrosion of its materials and deterioration of any part of its lighting system is avoided, guaranteeing a longer useful life of it.

For this reason, when you want to put lighting in the bathroom, these lamps must have special pieces that are resistant to these factors.

The market presents us with many placement options, from those that are attached to the wall or attached to the mirror, to a current placement trend such as placing them behind the mirror, providing more discreet and elegant lighting.

This type of lighting also does not forget the latest advances in LED technology, which can be regulated in color temperatures. If we add to this the colors and finishes of its materials, we can choose between chrome, white and matte tones; Although lately golden colors are also becoming a trend, not only in this type of lighting but in all in general.


It should be noted that the chrome colors are one of those that are still in demand along with the white ones, since they fit very well with both the taps and the toilets.

As for their designs and shapes, they do not stand out too much, they are rather timeless with simple and straight designs, so that they never go out of style and which in turn makes cleaning much easier.


In addition, thanks to these designs, they can be perfectly integrated into the desired area of the bathroom, usually in the mirror.

Finally we mention the already so popular LED strips, which are very appreciated since they can be easily placed anywhere, either on furniture or on the ceiling, and of course complying with the safety standards previously mentioned. mentioned.

In conclusion, if you need any type of luminaire for your bathroom, do not hesitate to visit us. in our specialized establishment in Burgos. We will help you choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes, without giving up the best quality-price that our products offer.

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