Watts and lumens, key factors when choosing a luminaire.

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Industrial style, a trend that will surprise you
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Watts and lumens, key factors when choosing a luminaire.

bombillas led en burgos

Until now, making the decision when buying light bulbs was very simple. In lamps for domestic use we had conventional bulbs and halogen bulbs. They only allow us to play with the amount of light but always in warm tones.

The arrival of LED technology has meant a revolution in the world of lighting. It provides us with the possibility of choosing power and tone of light.

At this time, the lamps that are marketed to illuminate our homes range between 2500 K and 6500K, (K = Degrees Kelvin). The lower numbers indicate the warmer color temperatures and the higher the Kelvin degree, the closer we get to very cold whites.

Our general recommendation is to use shades between 3000 and 4000 K. They correspond to a warm neutral and a cold neutral, which offer us better color reproduction of our furniture, upholstery, etc.

As a general rule, colder tones are used in work areas such as kitchens or offices and warmer tones are used for areas of the house dedicated to rest such as the living room and bedrooms. Always respecting the user's taste.

If we talk about powers, the term lumen now comes into play. For example, not all 10-watt bulbs provide the same lumens. If we are looking for good savings, we will buy the bulbs that offer more lumens with fewer watts of consumption.

We also have dimmable light bulbs available; bulbs that can offer us warm and cold whites with a single click on the switch. There are also light bulbs that we can control via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth that allow us to choose the color, program ignitions, remote control, etc.

This makes the choice of light bulbs a little more complicated for users. At Luzka Iluminación we are always willing to clarify any type of doubt. The most important thing is to choose the right bulb based on each need.

We invite you to visit us at our specialized lighting establishment in Burgos. As always we provide personalized advice; We will listen to you and help you in your choice, so that you can enjoy perfect lighting in every room of your home.

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