How to combine the vintage style with the industrial

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How to combine the vintage style with the industrial

consejos combinar el estilo industrial y vintage

In this publication we want to describe how we can combine the industrial style with the vintage. Sometimes if we do not have enough knowledge, with only one of these styles, cold places and with little strength can remain in our home.

The decoration of bygone eras is booming in recent years. You always hear about styles like vintage or industrial among others. In many cases these and other trends can be combined to achieve a surprising place full of personality.

Lighting is an essential part of achieving this. In the case of the vintage style, aged, restored and past era materials can be used. In addition, the designs together with black and matte gold colors, among others, are ideal for this type of decoration.

In the case of the industrial style, the predominant material is metal. Iron, steel or even solid wood are the perfect materials in this type of trend. Also a rusty aspect but that it is noted that it is cared for, is a factor that can also attract attention.

The industrial decoration is entering with force. Our lighting establishment is a true reflection of this, as it has all kinds of industrial lighting. From table lamps or living room feet, to pendants among others. These show great strength but sometimes, if we don't know how to combine them well, they are a bit cold, and that's where the vintage style can come in.

By combining vintage, handmade objects, restored with materials such as wood and warm tones, we will achieve much more welcoming and truly unique rooms.

The personality of a person who lives in a home makes the combination of these two styles a true reflection of it. Vintage luminaires that are inspired by designs from the last century are truly differentiating anywhere they are installed. This can be extrapolated to stays such as shops or restaurants. By combining an industrial style with vintage, you will surely not go unnoticed.

At Luzka lighting, being aware of the rise of both trends, we offer a wide variety of lamps of both styles. In addition, the light bulbs do not escape this type of decoration. They adapt to the designs of previous times, by offering the latest LED technology, achieving an unprecedented combination of design and low consumption.

We invite you to visit us at our specialized establishment in Burgos. We are professionals in decorating any type of room with our luminaires. If you like this proposal that unites the industrial and the vintage, we are convinced that we will help you fall in love with your home even more.

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