Discreet lighting with maximum efficiency

We highlight the downlights and recessed led spotlights

At Luzka we offer the best in technical lighting in Burgos.

This type of lighting includes several types of luminaires, among which we highlight the downlight and the recessed LED spotlights. They present a great variety of possibilities both in their placement and in the design.

These are mostly oriented to illuminate places and areas discreetly. Also at the same time they achieve maximum efficiency in their consumption.

Both recessed and downlight spotlights can be used in any room in our home. They are mostly really useful in both kitchens and bathrooms.

In the event that you do not want to turn on the general light in said rooms, the recessed spotlights allow you to direct the beam of light towards a specific place. So when we are using it at that moment, be it the sink or the kitchen counter, for example, said light will be very useful.

At Luzka we always provide our clients with inspiring solutions to both illuminate and decorate their home. We always offer the highest quality through this and other types of lighting.

Energy efficiency is an assured value, which you will find with this type and all our luminaires. By offering LED technology, it guarantees a much lower consumption compared to other types of bulbs.

We invite you to come to our establishment specialized in lighting in Burgos. You will enjoy knowing the latest news in lighting.

We will help you choose the best technical lighting product, because you will benefit from personalized advice accompanied by our more than 20 years of experience.

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