Inspiring solutions to decorate

Illuminate the room that is needed without hindering traffic

At Luzka Iluminación we present our clients with a wide variety of wall sconces.

This type of luminaire is in many cases really useful. With it, it is possible to illuminate the room that is needed, without hindering the transit through it.

We at Luzka are always in continuous evolution adapting to the needs of our clients. We create inspiring solutions to decorate. At the same time we also manage to illuminate in an efficient and elegant way any area that needs it.

Through different shapes, designs and materials, we have a wide range of wall sconces. So our customers will choose the one they like best and of course, the one that best suits their needs.

They are united, as we always emphasize LED technology. that contributes to saving energy in your home while offering tones, contrasts and colors with a different style.

Wall sconces have many benefits that we invite you to learn about by reading the post on our blog.

We are convinced that when you visit our lighting store in Burgos, you will see the led wall light that best suits your tastes and those of your family.

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