Everything you need to know about vintage light bulbs

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Everything you need to know about vintage light bulbs

comprar bombillas vintage led en Burgos

For a few years now, vintage light bulbs have become more and more fashionable and widely used; both in homes and establishments.

Vintage lamps, as we just mentioned, are increasingly in demand by our clients because they are being implemented in our society.

What is intended with them is to make an imitation of the carbon lamps that were previously used; but with the big difference that they are made with LED technology.

Since LED is the type of lighting, they present the countless advantages that these offer; Low consumption and long useful life are some examples of its advantages. If we add to this the good decorative effect they present, the increase in their use is not surprising.

Specifically taking into account their consumption, they can save between 80 to 90 % of energy. As it is LED, the performance is much higher and the energy is not lost in the form of heat, as was the case with old carbon lamps.

These types of bulbs also do not forget the latest developments in lighting. For example, how is the intensity and color regulation. In some cases they present it and can be used for places where, depending on the activity being carried out, one type of lighting or another is required.

When considering where to put them, they adapt very well to any style of lighting. What you have to keep in mind, and what we at Luzka Iluminación recommend, is that they must be visible to the naked eye.

There are hanging lamps that do not have any type of hood that hides the bulb itself; so they are perfect for showing off a vintage bulb, in such a way that all types of lamps without a lampshade are having very good acceptance among customers.

But in the event that our clients are looking for a hanging lamp with some type of lampshade and also do not want to give up the decorative effect of vintage bulbs, we also offer luminaires that have said lampshade and where said bulb is displayed.

The market presents us with several designs in this type of vintage light bulbs. Above all, the one that we highlight the most and the one that is most in demand is the balloon type. Whether due to its shape or the volume it occupies in the entire lamp, it is very striking. We are convinced that it will not remain indifferent wherever it is placed.

Finally, we will highlight that there is another type of support used for these bulbs, such as the so-called “pendels”. We offer different shapes, sizes and lengths. From ones that simulate a rope to others that are truly original, such as those that imitate a pipe.

For all these reasons, we invite you to come to our establishment specialized in lighting in Burgos; you will discover everything we can offer you in terms of vintage light bulbs. Thanks to our personalized advice, you will surely choose the one that best suits your needs.

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